A sincere Thank You

Starting a new company is easy, but growing it is a difficult task, especially in 2015. However, nothing is impossible with a solid team. Thank you all.

First of all, I'd like to thank Mr. Stefan Schwarz of the Henkell group in Germany, who gave me his absolute trust and the exclusive right to sell the group's non-alcoholic wines in Canada. Without him, without his samples and most of all his trust, VSAQ wouldn't exist today.

The advice and the help from my friends also mean so much to me. I want to thank my dear friend Mr. François Roberge - without you, there would be no VSAQ.

To my advisors, Mr. Yvon Plante, Mr. Stéphan Deschenes, Maître Sébastien Michaud, my accountants, Luc Gagnon and Ms. Alejandra Echevarria, thank you for your ideas and your support. Thank you for all the time you've so kindly dedicated to me. Without you, VSAQ wouldn't exist.

Also, to National Bank and Mr. Maxime Valois, who've believed in my project: VSAQ probably wouldn't be here without you.

I'd furthermore like to thank everyone in my immediate team. You're doing great !!! Thanks to our sales team as well, we wouldn't be where we are now without you.

Let's not forget, everything is about the CUSTOMERS.
I'd like to thank ALL our customers, the restaurants, the bakeries, the caterers, all the Métro stores, IGAs, Val-mont, Pasquier, Frigon distribution, who daily make my company grow. A warm thanks to those who have placed large orders and don't see their name on our list yet. Without you all, VSAQ wouldn't exist.

I'd like to thank all those who drink and love Festillant, whether it's the white, the rosé, the grapefruit or the mojito. Without you, my customers wouldn't buy anymore, and VSAQ would be no more.

I promise you some new wine brands in the near future, but not sparkling this time. Coming in red, rosé and white, they will be available very soon. You will love them!

I am proud and happy to bring you fine, exquisite non-alcoholic wines. Thank you all for your trust and your priceless help.

Finally, I want to thank my family for supporting me daily and helping me get through it all.

Thank you and enjoy!!!

Dominique Papieau